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Seamless Log Siding

Karst Builders not only holds itself to extremely high standards in quality, we pride ourselves on our innovative products such as seamless Log Siding which is unmatched by any other log siding in the industry, steel or wood!

Our Seamless Steel Log Siding uses the same coil of steel used for seamless steel siding.   We run the steel through several stations on the machine that not only round the panel to look like a log but also textures the steel to make it look more like a cut log.   Your home will look like a log home at a fraction of the cost, and lack the maintenance needed for a real log home.

View our available colorsKarst Builders Seamless Steel Log Siding can be used in new construction building as well as replace the siding on your existing home.   You have the same variety of colors as you would with our standard seamless steel siding and the same great warranty.   Our Seamless Steel Log Siding also acts as a great insulator for your home.   A foam panel, the same contour as the log so it will insulate and add durability and strength, is placed behind every log placed on your home.

Contact us for more information on siding your home with seamless log siding.

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You can contact us via Fax at 920.921.8130 or through our website with our Contact Us form page.


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